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Story of Stories (Yusuf AA)

Brothers of Yusuf AA and Their Plot

Yusuf AA was Left In the Well

From the Well to The House of Azeez

The Wife of Azeez Want Him to Commit Adultry With Her

The Wife of Azeez Used some Force With Him And The Azeez Came

Yusuf In Jail

Waqala Al-Malik Inny Ara 7 Sunbulat Khudr wa Okharu Yabisat

Yusuf Interpret the King Dream and Assigned Minster

Yusuf become the Azeez of Misr His Brothers Came to Trade

Ya Bunayya La Tad-Khulo Min Babin wahid

12 Brothers of Yusf Want Him to Take One of Them in Place of His brother

Sadness of Yacoub

Yusuf Remind Them of What They Done To Him

Yusuf Welcome His Entire Family to Live with Him in Egypt

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