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1) Allah Loves to See the Effects of His Blessings upon His Servant

2) Category #6 of those who will be shaded in day of judgement where there is no shades but HIS SWT.


4) The best of you are the ones with the best manners

5) Islam Is Built On 5 Pillars

6) Prophet Muhammad SAW was the Most Generous and he was more Generous in Ramadan

7) Abu Bakr RA and Fighting the Murtaddeen

8) The Fasting is for Allah SWT and the Reward is for it is upto Allah Alone

9) Blessings Most of Mankind are not Benefitting properly From Them Health Free Time

10) Good Deed Wipes Out Bad Deed

11) Deal with People with what is Apparent & Not what You Think Their Intention

12) My servants will come closer to ME by the Obligatory most loved to ME

13) Deeds are by Intention

14) The Concept of Sadaqah

15) The Prophet SAW used to stand for night prayers until his feets swilln

16) The strong believer is better than the weak believer & in all is good

17) Ramadan Moon Sighting

18) The Prophet SAW Asks a Child Permission to Give the Drink to Elders

19) When you finished eating should not wipe your Fingers Until you have Licked Them

20) The Food for 2 is Sufficient for 3 & the Food for 3 is sufficient for 4

21) Muslim Men are Forbidden to Wear Gold and Silk

22) The Different Islamic Schools of Thought Al Mathahib (at Social Halaqah)

23) If You Forget to Say Basmalah in the Beginning you Could Say it at the End & say that it is for the Beginning and the End

24) Prophet SAW never criticized any food. If it pleased him, he eat it, & if it did not, he would leave it

25) The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Praises Vinegar for his Food

26) When the Prophet finished his meal he says Al-Hamdulillah kathiran tayiban mubarakan fihi

27) A man called the Prophet & his group for food, so a man followed them the Prophet said this one followed us if you allow him he would join otherwise will return

28) Du'a for Wind, O Allah, I ask You for its good & seek refuge in you against its evil

29) Who eats then says praise be to Allah who fed me this & provided me it without me having any power over it

30) If someone is invited for a food while he is doing a voluntary Fasting

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