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1) The Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned feel a fear in their hearts

2) O mankind there has come to you a good advice - 10 Yunus 57 & 58

3) Wealth is sweat who take it spend it 4sake of Allah is blessed, upper hand is better

4) Ihfazillah Yahfazuk Be Mindful of the Commandments of Allah

5) Prophet Mousa asked Allah about the Lowest and the highest level of Jannah

6) Paradise we shall assign to those who rebel not against truth & good end for Muttaqeen

7) The Prophet PBUH Said shall I inform you of a Deed better than fasting prayer & alms

8) O Allah! Direct me to the Right Path and make me adhere to the Straight Path

9) Al-A'raf 175-176, And Recite to them the Story of him to Whom We Gave Our Ayat but he throw them away

10) SAD Ayat 23-26: My Brother has 99 ewes & I have 1..Judge in Justice & not your desire

11) Fussilat 30-32, Those who say our Lord is Allah and then they Istaqamu on them the angels will descend at time of death, and saying fear not nor grieve!, But Receive the glad tiding of Paradise.

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